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NCCC Coverage with COVID-19

Rex Wilhoite | Published on 8/2/2020

LVCA Membership


Our NCCC Governor Rex Wilhoite received the below message concerning our club’s insurance and our events during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The latest announcement does not change our normal club procedure to have everyone sign the standard waiver for all events and at our general membership meetings to record attendance.  The important notification impacting for our club’s procedures is “that attendance is voluntary and at your own risk” and “that individuals are responsible to maintain their own social distancing”.  Please read the complete announcement below for the Event Procedures we will need to follow for all future club events.


Thank you,

Ken Ackeret

LVCA Events Coordinator


NCCC Announcement

(Note: edited email sent to LVCA June 30, 2020)

NCCC coverage concerning Covid-19:


What has changed is how we base the use of our waivers on the risk associated with the event.  So now with the virus otherwise low risk activities, such as a club meeting, now have a higher risk.  So NCCC has to rethink when and what types of events should require a waiver.  The use of waivers is the primary defense against NCCC getting sued by a member.   It is mandatory that every club gathering or activity have everyone sign the standard waiver until the Covid-19 threat has passed, even those activities which did not previously require waivers noted in FAQ’s.   Currently we are working with Legacy Insurance on a new waiver form that would include Covid-19 Language.  NCCC has begun to look at electronic waivers and how we might be able to use them in our organization, but for now let’s keep using the paper waivers.  Electronic waivers will have to meet our insurance requirements as well as the Competition Manual.


Any announcement of an activity, such as a flyer, should include that attendance is voluntary and at your own risk.  Also that individuals are responsible to maintain their own social distancing and if they are sick not to attend.  Hand sanitizer should be available to members after contact activities such as signing the waiver.  Please use the Covid-19 comprehensive precautions that were published by the Competition Committee for your events.


It is very important any event follows all state and local regulations.  Not being in compliance could make your event illegal and put your coverage into question.   Use common sense in laying out your event to limit member to member exposure. 




Jim Walton

NCCC Business Manager